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July 21, 2024

Darrel Euler

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The Power Of Long-Term Thinking In Building A Sustainable Future


Long-term thinking is the cornerstone of sustainable development. The ability to think long-term allows us to create a sustainable future, while a focus on short-term gains can lead to unsustainable outcomes. But why are people so focused on short-term thinking? And how can we use this knowledge to make better decisions in all aspects of our lives?

Why are people so focused on short-term thinking?

So why are people so focused on short-term thinking?

The answer is simple: it’s easier, more profitable and comfortable. We’ve been trained to think this way since we were children. When you were a kid did your parents ever tell you that if you didn’t clean up your toys now, it would be much harder for them to do later? Or perhaps they told you not to leave the house until all homework was done because otherwise there wouldn’t be time for fun activities later on in the evening?

It seems obvious that these kinds of short-term motivators don’t work as well as long-term ones when parenting (or any other kind of leadership). But what if we applied those same principles on an organizational level? How could we create incentives for employees or partners who focus only on achieving quarterly goals–and penalize those who don’t?

What happens when we don’t think long-term?

But what happens when we don’t think long-term?

For one, it can lead to bad decisions. When we make decisions based on short-term thinking, they’re often rash and poorly thought out. We are more likely to buy things that are convenient or easy rather than making an investment in something that will last. This leads us down a path of poor relationships and business partnerships because no one wants to work with someone who doesn’t have their best interests at heart or isn’t willing to commit themselves for the long haul.

For another thing–and this might sound funny coming from a personal trainer–short-term thinking can kill your health! If all your focus is on what’s happening now (or tomorrow), then there won’t be any time left over for planning ahead for your future health needs like eating fresh fruits and vegetables instead of packaged foods full of preservatives; getting regular exercise so that your body stays strong into old age; quitting smoking before it kills you (oops).

The power of long-term thinking.

Long-term thinking is the ability to see beyond the immediate and into the future. It’s not just about planning for next week, or next month, but being able to look at your life as a whole and understand where you want it to go.

Long-term thinkers are able to avoid short-term thinking traps that lead us down paths we may regret later on in life. They can see the bigger picture of their decisions and plan accordingly so they don’t end up regretting them later on down the road because they weren’t prepared enough when making those decisions at first glance (or even second).

Long term thinkers are also more creative because they aren’t worried about how something will affect them right now – instead, they think outside of themselves by focusing on how this decision will affect others around them too!

Long-term thinking can help us create a sustainable future.

Long-term thinking is a key to sustainable business practices. It’s also a way to create a better future for yourself, your family and the planet we all share.

Long-term thinking can help us create a sustainable future.


The world is changing, and we need to adapt to these changes. If we don’t think long-term, then our planet may not be able to sustain life in the future. Long-term thinking can help us create a sustainable future that will benefit everyone on Earth and beyond!